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I like being free. I like the way it feels.

13 July 2010


We are slowly getting settled into our new home. It has been a lot of work but we are in the home stretch. The kitchen is being put in today. Once the kitchen is in we are hoping to regain our sanity. It's like we are on one big camp out. We cook our food on a grill. We wash our dishes in the bathroom sink. And we have greasy hair from infrequent showering. We even gave our kids a bath in a kiddy pool. :)

We are also getting to know our neighbors. We have some good neighbors and some not so good neighbors. The good ones are the black snakes (we saw a five footer a couple days ago, they eat rats and mice, we're glad to have them around), the skinks (a type of lizard, they eat bugs), the bats, birds, turtles, and frogs. Oh and our human neighbors have been good too. The not so good ones are the groundhogs (they are eating our cabbage! Gabe and I are gonna try trapping them so to relocate em), the wasps, the ants (they found a loaf of zucchini bread in our dinning room, gurrr... I also had an ant bite my tongue, but that's another story), black bears (they don't seem to cause a problem, still they are a little scary!), rabbits (been eating our beans), poison ivy (which I got all over my arms), and Chimney Swifts (they are in our chimney and we are not aloud to remove them because they are protected under a migratory bird law).

So that's life on the homestead. It is a beautiful place and we hope many can visit and fellowship here once it is a bit more livable.

More to come later...


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