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22 March 2009

the watchmen

Two weeks ago I saw the movie The Watchmen. I left feeling disturbed, violated, and wondering why I subjected myself to three hours of garbage.

I honestly would not recommend seeing this film, but I did come across an insightful review of The Watchmen. The review is helpful in understanding the philosophical premise of the movie.

The review is worth the read, it helped me see that The Watchmen is a story of the prevailing philosophy of our day - nihilism.


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Seth said...

I could have done without the sex and graphic violence, and the film could have done better with character development, but I liked it. I've grown tired of neatly packaged melodrama, which is no more Biblical than nihilism. The movie raises questions for me, and puts into question the pragmatism that seems to prevalent in politics and militarism.

I thought bretsw's comment was spot on. And disagree with Leo in a few respects. Rorschach and the Comedian may be the most immoral, but they are also the most real and the most passionate. The movie forced me to take sides, to disagree with the pragmatic choice, to support the 'no compromise' stance of Rorschach. It also got me thinking about the idiocy of it taking tragedy for government leaders to sober up (like 9/11).

I see some redemption and hope in the movie. The arms race ends, governments are working together, the Silk Specters face truth about themselves, Laurie being seen as a miracle out of that ugliness, Dr. Manhattan finding his human side again, Dan finding something more to live for, etc. The main plot device may be cynical, but I see more than cynicism in the movie.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Todd said...

Thanks for the comment Seth! You know the Watchman story better than I. I can see why you enjoyed it more than I.


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