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07 March 2009

cpm follow up

We had a church planting movements follow up on Monday. It was an inspiring time. Here are a few gleaning from it.

Focus on gospel planting rather than church planting.

We need to be intentional gospel planters.

Bring the church to the people instead of people to the church.

The goal of evangelism is to start churches.

Church is the result of mission. Mission is not the result of church.

Christian leadership is an extension of discipleship.

Obedience based discipleship is meant to be self-correcting, self-sustaining, and self-maintaining.

Leaders give people a jump start – leaders are to lead people to become self-sustaining followers.

If you meet with someone more than a year without the other person multiplying themselves you are creating a dependency.

Our job as leaders needs to be creating hope in people – we need to see the bigger picture for them.

Look into the future to what people will be or should be and train them to be that.

Vision comes from God. What is God’s heart beating for?

If people don’t laugh at your vision then it is not a vision.

Where to you want to be in 5 years? Do only the things that will get you there!

Strategy comes from your focus or goal or aim.

If you have 10 people in a home group, should your aim be to become 20 people and then form two new home groups or should it be to see the 10 become 10 new groups? You strategize based on your goal. What is the goal of your home groups? Is it to multiply to 2 or 10?

Key Factors in establishing a movement
* Prayer – at least 14 hours of prayer a week
* Live with an sense of expectation – God is going to move
* Live with a sense of urgency - the time is short

Characteristics of a Church Planter
* Loves the Lord with all his or her heart, mind, soul, and strength
* Loves all people as himself
* Labors to evangelize the lost, gather the saved, develop the local church, train local leaders, and move on as soon as possible.
* Lives a life of obedience and learning

Stay focused.

Leviticus 26:7-9 and Psalm 91:7


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