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01 February 2009

what's coming

I was shocked. Really. I mean, in our lifetime... I know I shouldn't have been shocked, it's been foretold, yet is was still stunning.

Yesterday I experienced the beginning of the coming economic system...

...the cashless one.

I went to Marqt, a new supermarket in Amsterdam. I picked up some yummy muesli bread and pomegranate juice and headed to the check out counter. The clerk totaled the items, it came to four Euros and ten cents. I opened my wallet, pulled out a five Euro bill when the clerk said, "I'm sorry, we don't take cash." "What?" I said. "You don't take cash? I've never heard of that." "No" she responded, "we only take pin passes and credit cards."

I couldn't believe it. A supermarket that won't take cash. Now I have heard of not taking checks and not taking credit cards, but not taking cash. Yep, it is true, it happened to me yesterday. It is the beginning of the end of paper currency.

Say goodbye to freedom, a controlling force that has never been seen before is coming upon our world.


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