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I like being free. I like the way it feels.

10 February 2010

a psalm

I am currently taking a class on spiritual disciplines or said differently, spiritual practices. For the class I had to write a psalm. Here is what I wrote:

You oh LORD are God.
You alone and there is no other.
You are from ancient of days.
There is none who compares with you.

You are the only eternal fulfillment.
You are the only well spring of life.
All other wells run dry.
There is none who compares with you.

The gods of this age are but a breath. They are a mist that vanishes.
In vanity men run after empty hope. Their thirst is never quenched.
Only in you is satisfaction.
Only in you is everlasting joy.

Praise the LORD oh my soul.
He is the River of Delight.
He is my Song and my Salvation.


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