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I like being free. I like the way it feels.

03 November 2009


You ever have a dream, that you just couldn't shake? A dream that penetrated your soul? A dream that was somehow real, and yet somehow a dream. Well, I had one of those dreams two years ago this month. It's a dream that hasn't left me. I can still see it and feel it. This was it:
It was dark. To the right of me was a large red bricked building. Below me was a forest of dead and brittle trees. The presence of evil emanated from the forest. I was hovering slightly above trees, sustained by a supernatural force. As I was hovering above the forest, a vine caught my foot and I fell. I landed face down in the mud-like dirt. I was unable to move, paralyzed by the presence of evil. In front of me was a vast abyss of darkness. The earth began to tremble. In the darkness was coming a horrid beast. Intuitively I knew his sole aim was to ravage and destroy me. He was coming to devour me. And I knew who he was, he was Satan. I was frozen stiff with fear, as if a heavy weight was pinning me to the ground. In my desperation I cried out, Jesus save me! Jesus save me! In an instant, an immeasurable power took a hold of me and pulled me with lighting speed. I was pulled through the forest into an open expanse of white covered hills, with blue light-filled skies. I looked up and there before me were two enormous prehistoric lions, fifteen feet in height. I intuitively knew that these creatures had somehow saved me. One was directly in front of me and one was to my right. Their fir was golden brown and clothed them like a robe. Their faces were massive with saber-like teeth. The one directly in front of me leaned forward; looking directly into my eyes he touched me with his head. Renewed with strength I arose. The two beasts turned and began walking toward the forest. I turned and followed. I knew danger was present, I also knew a great power was with me. Then I awoke.


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