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27 February 2010

the coming...

…of the great reversal.

“But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” Matthew 19:30

Do you feel it? There is a coming, a coming of a great reversal. At this coming the least will be the greatest and the greatest the least. At this coming the meek will inherit the earth and the proud the grave. At this coming the downtrodden will be exalted and the arrogant humbled.

There is a great reversal coming. The earth is moaning. Injustice is mounting. Power is consolidating. Deception is proliferating.

There is a great reversal coming. Empire is rising. Powers are oppressing. War is unceasing.

There is a great reversal coming. Kingdoms falling. Righteousness ruling. Peace prospering. The King returning.

For now we wait. We patiently endure. We let not the evil of our day discourage us. We continue to love. We continue to serve. We continue to bless. We continue to hope.

Our King will come. And when he does all things will be made right. Order will reside. Truth will return. Justice restored. Judgment realized.

And with it… shalom… peace… prosperity… harmony… and unity…. Forever.

Are you ready? Are you prepared for the coming?


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