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18 July 2009


I wrote this nine days prior to departing from Amsterdam, thought I would share it.

"In departing Amsterdam I have been thinking about what God has taught me and how he has shaped me into greater Christ-likeness. God has taught me a lot pertaining to what it means to follow Jesus, in understanding who He is, how to be effective in leadership and missions, and in character issues. Below are some of the things I have learned. (note: there is a story behind each of things I have learned. I don't have time to share them here, but every story for good or for bad has impressed itself upon me, shaped me, and drawn me closer to God.)

* The importance of humility

* Be a model of what you teach

* The importance of reproducing my life into others - always bring someone with me.

* Believe for people what they can't believe for themselves.

* Godly authority in leadership should come through relational and spiritual authority not positional authority.

* Influence proceeds from one's walk with God. Lead as he leads me.

* A deeper awareness of the impact and influence a leader has on people.

* The importance of listening to what God wants before listening to what people want.

* Leadership bearings need to come from God.

* Lead people to Jesus.

* People need input, feedback, affirmation, and care from their leaders.

* A deeper understanding of how important it is not to avoid conflict but to confront issues head on, honestly and forthrightly. Issues will come back to bite you if not addressed.

* A renewed vision for simple disciple making and multiplication.

* A deeper understanding of the order of priorities in life - God, my wife, my family, others

* My shepherding of others should come out of my shepherding of my family.

* The importance of never violating your conscience, but listening to the small still voice in my heart and trusting it.

* God is a God who disciplines and even wounds us for our good and his glory.

* A deeper understanding of the spiritual realm and the spiritual forces that are at work in the world.

* A deeper realization of the importance of prayer and fasting.

* A deeper realization of the importance of the Bible being the authority in the lives of individual Christians and the church.

* A broader understanding of the social aspect of the gospel - meaning God's care for the poor and his concern for social justice.

* A deeper knowlege of God as our provider. He has meet our needs consistently over the years.

* A deeper understanding of God's graciousness and faithfulness. God's power is truly made perfect in our weakness.

* A deeper understanding of the importance of uprightness, righteousness, and integrity in relation to leadership and walking with God.

* A deeper understanding of the foundational value and importance of loving one another as the basic essence of Christian living.

* A deeper understanding and realization that the gospel should be at the center of all I do and teach. Christ is to be the center of his church.

* A deeper understanding of the importance of perseverance, persistence and endurance - Galatians 6:7-9 is true.

* A deeper understanding of God's mercy, grace and forgiveness. God is merciful.

* A deeper fear of God - all God's ways are good, he is to be revered and held fast to.

* A deeper understanding that in God is freedom, life, and peace.

* A greater understanding of the importance of being thoughtful and intentional in my discipleship relationships. Meaning, to think about what I am "passing on" to others.

* A deeper understanding that simple acts of love go a long way. They can actually change a person's life.

* A greater awareness that the love and support a small group of believers can impact and transform a persons life.

*A broader understanding of God's work in the world and his power to transform the lives of all peoples in all cultures.

* The realization that God had a purpose for us being in Amsterdam. God will fulfil his purpose for us, all we need to do is be willing to follow and obey, he will do the rest."


At 10:38 PM, Blogger hairangel said...

Hey Todd,Those are beautiful reflections..Thanks for sharing

At 3:46 AM, Blogger Todd said...

Your welcome.


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