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26 April 2009


We are departing with special treasures of memory. Over the past couple weeks we have received wonderful gifts from our friends and church community. We have received letters, Amsterdam shirts, books (including an ESV Study Bible!), a serving dish (for Lindy's good cooking!), pictures, words of encouragement and thanks, dinners, lunches, and a party. The past two weeks have been a true blessing to us. The gifts and memories we will carry with us always.
Last night Lindy and I received a new gift. Sokol organized a night out with the guys. It was a good gift, especially the steak dinner! Sunita organized a night of pampering for Lindy (message, nail painting, and other girl stuff!). We have been lavished with love. It has been very special to us.

Of all the gifts, the most unique gift is.... Russian dolls of the Watkins! What a treasure! Can you guess who made them? Oh, and you will notice, there is a baby in the bunch... Yep, a new baby is on the way!


At 1:43 AM, Blogger Todd said...

It was Avantia!! :)


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